GNOME System Tools

GNOME System Tools (GST), previously known as Ximian Setup Tools and Helix Setup Tools, is a set of configuration programs for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. It consists of a set of 'backends' (scripts written in Perl) which manipulate the system's configuration files, and generate XML descriptions of the current state, and frontends, generally written in C, which are GUIs for the GNOME desktop environment.

GNOME System Tools

GST has been included in the GNOME 2.8 desktop, released in September 2004. GST is free software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


The tools were first developed by Hans Petter Jansson at Helix Code. Later, several other employees were involved, most notably José-María Celorio, Arturo Espinosa and Tambet Ingo.

When Helix Code changed its name to Ximian, the name of the project was changed to Ximian Setup Tools. Later, Ximian withdrew resources from the project, and it was moved to the GNOME CVS server, where Carlos Garnacho Parro eventually took up maintainership.

Included applets

The GNOME System Tools currently contains frontend tools for these configurations:

  • User Account Management
  • Runlevel Configuration
  • Date and Time Changes
  • Disk Configuration (deprecated)
  • Network configuration
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