GNOME SoundConverter

GNOME SoundConverter is an unofficial GNOME-based free and open-source transcoder for digital audio files.[3] It uses GStreamer for input and output files. It has multi threaded design and can also extract the audio from video files.[4]

SoundConverter v3.0.2
Original author(s)Lars Wirzenius (2004) [1]
Developer(s)Gautier Portet (2005-2017)[1] and free software community
Written inPython (PyGTK)
Operating systemLinux
Available inEnglish
LicenseGNU GPLv3[2]

From many years ago,[5] it is available in the repositories of many Linux distributions included Debian,[6] Fedora,[7] openSUSE,[8] Ubuntu,[9] Gentoo[10] and Arch Linux.[11]


  • Change filenames based on custom pattern or predefined patterns
  • Create folder according to tags or selected location
  • Can delete original file
  • Adjust bitrate
  • Importing the all metadata including image from original file

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