GE C32-8

The GE C32-8 was a 6-axle diesel-electric locomotive model built by GE Transportation Systems in 1984. It is part of the GE Dash 8 Series of freight locomotives.

GE C32-8
A Brazil Railway C32-8, ex-Conrail, 2007
Type and origin
Power typeDiesel-electric
BuilderGE Transportation Systems
Build date1984
Total produced10
Gauge4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Prime moverGE 7FDL-12
Performance figures
Power output3,200 hp (2.39 MW)
LocaleUnited States

Only 10 of these 3,200 hp (2,390 kW) locomotives were built. They were some of the first locomotives built in the DASH-8 line with all 10 going to Conrail as road numbers 6610 to 6619. When delivered they wore the standard Conrail Can Opener (Wheel on Rail) paint scheme.

In 1997 Conrail assigned all 10 units to "Ballast Express" service. They were repainted into a Gray version of the Quality scheme.

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