G. P. Abraham

George Perry Abraham FRPS (1844 – 1923) was a British photographer, postcard publisher, and mountaineer.

G. P. Abraham
George Perry Ashley Abraham

1844 (1844)
Died1923 (aged 7879)
OccupationPhotographer, postcard publisher, mountaineer
Known forLandscape photography
Spouse(s)Mary Dixon

Early life

George Perry Ashley Abraham was born in Devizes, Wiltshire, in 1844.


He worked as a photographer with Elliot & Fry of Baker Street, London, before becoming apprenticed to Alfred Pettitt in Keswick in 1862, and then starting his own business in 1866.[1][2]

Abraham did studio portraits, but his passion was for photographing landscapes.[2] He founded G. P. Abraham Ltd, a postcard publisher, in Keswick in England's Lake District, and became a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.[2]

Personal life

In 1870, he married Mary Dixon in Cockermouth, Cumberland.[3]

He had four sons. The two eldest, George and Ashley Abraham, were important popularisers of mountain climbing. Sidney was a bank manager in Keswick, and John Abraham became acting Governor of Tanganyika.[4]

Abraham died in 1923.[5]


The photography business was carried on by Ashley's son, before being wound up in the 1970s.[6]


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