Fyodor Minin

Fyodor Alekseyevich Minin (Russian: Федор Алексеевич Минин) (ca. 1709 - after 1742) was a Russian Arctic explorer.

In 1730s, Minin participated in the Second Kamchatka expedition. In 1736, he joined the unit led by Dmitry Ovtsyn. In 1738, he was in charge of a group of explorers, that would chart the Arctic Ocean coastline east of the Yenisei river. In 1738-1740, Minin made an attempt to go around the Taimyr Peninsula from the north and reached 75°15'N. Together with Dmitry Sterlegov, he mapped this part of the Arctic Ocean coastline.

A cape at the Mammoth Peninsula, a peninsula, the Minina Skerries in the Kara Sea, a gulf, and a mountain on the shores of the Taimyr Peninsula bear Minin's name.


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