Futtocks End

Futtocks End is a British comedy film released in 1970, directed by Bob Kellett. Entirely without dialogue, the film includes a musical score, sound effects and incoherent mutterings. The story revolves around a weekend gathering at the decaying country home of the eccentric and lewd General Futtock (Ronnie Barker) and the series of saucy mishaps between the staff (Michael Hordern plays the lecherous butler) and his guests.

Futtocks End
Directed byBob Kellett
Produced byBob Kellett
StarringMichael Hordern
Ronnie Barker
Roger Livesey
Julian Orchard
Kika Markham
Richard O'Sullivan
Mary Merrall
Hilary Pritchard
Jennifer Cox
Ernest C. Jennings
Music byRobert Sharples
Release date
February 1970
Running time
45 minutes

Production and reception

It was filmed at Grim's Dyke, the former home of W. S. Gilbert, now a hotel.

In 1979 the film was infamously shown, with no prior announcement or explanation, by the BBC in the middle of that year's Miss World broadcast. The programme had in fact been affected by industrial action by sound engineers. Writing in The Observer, Clive James likened it to being "given a lolly to suck".[1]

The film was released on DVD in June 2006 and was shown in Trafalgar Square as part of the 2007 St George's Day celebrations.



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