Fur TV

Fur TV is a British comedy adult puppet show produced by MTV Networks Europe which aired on various MTV channels throughout Europe and Asia. The show uses Muppet style adult puppetry, but in a more adult setting where the characters are shown to undertake human activities such as drinking and having sex. The show aired from May 4, 2008 to July 12, 2009.

Fur TV
Created byChris Waitt
Henry Trotter
StarringMak Wilson
Don Austen
John Eccleston
Voices ofHenry Trotter
Phil Nichol
Simon Greenall
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of episodes15
Running time22 minutes
Original networkMTV Europe
Original release28 February 2004 (BBC 2 Pilot),
4 May 2008 (MTV Series) 
12 July 2009


The main characters are Fat Ed Tubbs, Lapeño Enriquez and Mervin J Minky. Fat Ed is a foul-mouthed, violent, beer swilling heavy metal fanatic, Lapeño is a Brazilian sex god who is irresistible to women (and even to some men), while Mervin is a perpetually cross-eyed, mentally retarded, perverted, self-abusing fanatic with a chronic addiction to masturbation.

Format and plots

Each episode will generally relate to one of the characters specific traits:

  • Fat Ed's love of heavy metal and/or extreme violence.
  • Mervin's sexual deviance and/or his idiotic good nature.
  • Lapeño's ability to seduce any woman he wants and/or his career as a DJ.


Series 1

Episode Title Original air date

  1. "Rent Boys/MTV Cribs/Fat Ed's Furry Fucking Guide to Metal/Hot Pussy" also Missing pussy 4 May 2008 [1]
  2. "My Big Fat Gay Wedding/Furry Movie Club/There's Something About Mervin" 11 May 2008[2]
  3. "Mervin's Millions/Fur & Loathing" 18 May 2008[3]
  4. "Bad Apples/Enter the DJ" 25 May 2008[4]
  5. "Hungry for Love/Brown Fury/Stinkhole: Raining Brown" 1 June 2008[5]
  6. "Ladies Love Lapeño/Arse of Darkness" 8 June 2008 [6]
  7. "Fist of Fur/Ed's Super Fix-it/Get Mervin" 15 June 2008 [7]
  8. "Merverella" 22 June 2008 [8]

Series 1.5 / Shorts

Episode Title Original air date

  1. "How To Cook Shit With Mervin" 31 May 2009
  2. "Furry Movie Club" 7 June 2009
  3. "It's Your Fan Mail" 14 June 2009
  4. "Fat Ed's Furry Fucking Guide To Metal" 21 June 2009
  5. "The Furry Guide To Love" 28 June 2009
  6. "Stinkhole: Raining Brown" 5 July 2009
  7. "Fat Ed's Super-Fix-It" 12 July 2009


Originally a short film which won BBC's Greenlight Award for Comedy in 2002 . It was turned into a pilot which aired on BBC2 in 2004 and won the Rose D'Or for Best Pilot at the Montreaux TV Festival. MTV picked it up as a TV series and the show premiered in 2008. In 2009 MTV began broadcasting a series of Fur TV 'Shorts', about 3 minutes in length.

It has broadcast on all MTV channels in Europe, MTV2 in Canada and MTV in Brazil, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand. In France it is known as Télé Poils, on MTV Latin America it is broadcast as TV de Ciertopelo, in Ukraine as Волохате ТБ (Volohate TB), in Russia as Мохнатики (Mohnatiki) and on MTV Taiwan it is called 偶們最風流 (Puppets Are Charming).


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