Fulmar (disambiguation)

  • A fulmar is a tubenosed seabird of the family Procellariidae/

Fulmar also may refer to:



  • Fulmar (1868), a ship that sank off the coast of Kilkee, County Clare, Ireland, in 1886
  • USFS Fulmar, a United States Bureau of Fisheries research vessel in commission from 1919 to 1933–1934
  • USS Fulmar, more than one United States Navy ship
  • Fairey Fulmar (yacht), a 20-foot yacht built by Fairey Marine Ltd, sister class to the Fairey Atalanta

Other uses

  • Fulmar, a variant of the Frankish name Folmar or Folcmar.
  • Fulmar Oil Field, in the North Sea off Scotland, and its Fulmar Alpha (Fulmar A) oil platform
    • Fulmar Gas Line, a natural gas pipeline which transports natural gas from the central North Sea to St Fergus, Scotland
    • Fulmar Formation, an Upper Jurassic sandstone formation which forms the reservoir within the Fulmar oilfield and other oil fields in the North Sea
  • RAF Lossiemouth, a military airfield in northeast Scotland formerly known as HMS Fulmar
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