Frome River

The Frome River is an ephemeral river in the Australian state of South Australia located within the Lake Eyre basin. Its source is near Mount Rose in the northern Flinders Ranges and it discharges into the south-eastern side of the northern part of Lake Eyre.[2]

Map of the Lake Eyre Basin
Location of the river mouth in South Australia
EtymologyCaptain Edward Frome
StateSouth Australia
Physical characteristics
SourceFlinders Ranges
  locationnear Mount Rose
MouthLake Eyre
29°5′6″S 137°54′14″E
Length245 km (152 mi)
Basin size18,200 km2 (7,000 sq mi)
Basin features
River systemLake Eyre Basin

The river was named by the British explorer, Edward John Eyre in 27 August 1840 after Captain Edward Frome who was the Surveyor General of South Australia at the time.[3]

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