Friheten (English: The Freedom) is a biweekly newspaper, published by the Norwegian Communist Party (NKP).

The editorial offices of Friheten
TypeBiweekly newspaper
Owner(s)Norwegian Communist Party
Founded1941 (1941)
Political alignmentNorwegian Communist Party
HeadquartersOslo, Norway

History and profile

Friheten was founded illegally in 1941 during the German occupation of Norway due to World War II. The founders were the members of the communist wing of the resistance movement.[1] The paper was started as a news sheet by the group and became a regular newspaper with the publication of its first issue on 14 May 1945.[1] After the liberation in 1945 it emerged as the official party newspaper.

It is the last party-dependent newspaper left in Norway. The paper has its headquarters in Oslo.[2]


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