Frigate captain

Frigate Captain is a naval rank in the naval forces of several countries. Corvette lies one level below Frigate.

It is, usually, equivalent to the Commonwealth/US Navy rank of commander.

Countries using this rank include Argentina, Colombia and Spain (Spanish: capitán de fragata), France (French: capitaine de frégate), Belgium (Dutch: fregatkapitein), Italy (Italian: capitano di fregata), Brazil and Portugal (Portuguese: capitão de fragata) Croatia (Croatian: kapetan fregate) and Germany (German: Fregattenkapitän) .

In the Royal Canadian Navy, capitaine de frégate is the official French language name for the rank of commander.

The NATO rank code is OF-4, the official translation for instance of the German Fregattenkapitän as well as the French capitaine de frégate into English is "commander senior grade".[1]

The Russian/Soviet equivalent is "captain of the 2nd rank" (капитан 2-го ранга)


Fregattenkapitän is a German Navy line officer rank OF-4 equivalent to Oberstleutnant (en: Lieutenant colonel) in German Army and German Air Force.


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