Free Land (film)

Free Land (German: Freies Land) is a 1946 German drama film directed by Milo Harbich and starring Ursula Voß, Fritz Wagner and Herbert Wilk. The film was a work of propaganda made by DEFA in the Soviet occupation zone which later became East Germany. It uses a neorealist style to portray the effects of land reforms brought in by the Soviet authorities.[1] It proved to be very unsuccessful on its release.[2]

Free Land
Film poster
Directed byMilo Harbich
Written by
  • Kurt Hahne (play)
  • Milo Harbich
Music byWerner Eisbrenner
CinematographyOtto Baecker
Edited byMargarete Steinborn
Distributed bySovexport-Film
Release date
18 October 1946
Running time
94 minutes
  • Germany
  • (Soviet sector)


  • Ursula Voß as Frau Jeruscheit
  • Fritz Wagner as Neubauer Jeruscheit
  • Herbert Wilk as Bürgermeister Siebold
  • Hans Sternberg as Altbauer Strunk
  • Aribert Grimmer as Altbauer Melzig
  • Peter Marx as Altbauer Schulzke
  • Oskar Höcker as Neubauer Kubinski
  • Elfie Dugal as Küchenmädchen
  • Kurt Mikulski as Siedler
  • Karl Platen
  • Hans Ulrich
  • Albert Arid


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