Frederik of Egmont

Frederik of Egmont (ca. 1440–1521) was count of Buren and Leerdam, Lord of IJsselstein and councilor of Charles the Bold en Maximilian I.

Frederik Egmond
Coat of arms
Noble familyHouse of Egmond
Spouse(s)Aleida of Culemborg, Walburga of Manderscheid
FatherWilliam IV, Lord of Egmont
MotherWalburga of Meurs

Frederik was the second son of William II of Egmont and Walburga of Meurs. Together with his brothers, he participated in his father's campaign in the Duchy of Guelders. When Burgundy had conquered the Duchy, Frederik received some important functions there. In the 1480s he supported the policies of Maximilian I of Austria. He was present at Maximilian's coronation as Holy Roman Emperor in 1486, and led in 1488 an army against the city of Bruges that held Emperor Maximilian hostage.

In 1492, Maximilian gave him the titles of Count of Buren and Count of Leerdam. In 1499, he became a sworn member of the Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Blessed Lady in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Marriage and children

In 1464 Frederik married Aleida of Culemborg, Lady of Sint-Maartensdijk (died 1471). They had:

  • Floris, his successor (1470–1539)
  • Wemmer van Egmont van Buren (died young)

In 1502, he remarried with Walburga of Manderscheid (died 1527).

Frederik also had several illegitimate children:[1]


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