Frederick I, Duke of Athens

Frederick I (died 11 July 1355) was the Duke of Athens and Neopatria from 1348 to his death, also the Count of Malta. He succeeded his father John, Duke of Randazzo, in Greece after his father died of the Black Plague, but he too died of the same plague seven years later.

Frederick I
count of Malta
Coat of arms of Aragonese Sicily
Duke of Athens & Neopatria
Reign1348 - 1355
PredecessorJohn, Duke of Randazzo
SuccessorFrederick III of Sicily
Died11 July 1355
BuriedSant' Agatha in Palermo
Noble familyof Barcelona
FatherJohn, Duke of Randazzo
MotherCesarea of Castalnasetta
ReligionCatholic Church

Frederick was an absentee lord throughout his reign, although his regent Blasco II of Alagona, urged him to visit his duchy in 1349. Frederick appointed Ramón Bernardi as his vicar general there, but the latter was opposed by the baronage, who requested his removal from power just before the duke died. Frederick died young and was buried in Sant'Agata in Palermo.


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Preceded by
John of Randazzo
Duke of Athens and of Neopatria
Succeeded by
Frederick II

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