Fred E. Wright (director)

Fred E. Wright (1868-1936) was an American producer, scenarist, silent film director. He was born in Catskill, New York and died in Los Angeles, California.[1] He was married to actress Nell Craig. Prior to entering silent films he was a producer on Broadway.[2][3]

Fred E. Wright
DiedAugust 5, 1936
Years active1913-1918
Spouse(s)Nell Craig


  • the Clutch of Conscience (1913)*short
  • Innocence (1913)*short
  • The Escape (1913)*short
  • The Sheriff's Reward (1913)*short
  • The Engineer's Daughter (1913)*short
  • The Italian Bride (1913)*short
  • The Crooked Bankers (1913)*short
  • Puttin' It Over on Papa (1913)*short
  • A Redskin's Mercy (1913)*short
  • What the Good Book Taught (1913)*short
  • The Governor's Double (1913)*short
  • The Outlaw's Love (1913)*short
  • The Trapper's Mistake (1913)*short
  • The Missionary's Triumph (1913)*short
  • The Miner's Destiny (1913)*short
  • The Call of the Blood (1913)*short
  • The Price of Jealousy (1913)*short
  • The Accidental Shot (1913)*short
  • Her Brave Rescuer (1913)*short
  • The Blind Gypsy (1913)*short
  • Lillie's Nightmare (1913)*short
  • The Depth of Hate (1913)*short
  • Race Memories (1913)*short
  • A Break for Freedom (1913)*short
  • An Indian Don Juan (1913)*short
  • Down Lone Gap Way (1914)*short
  • Where the Heart Calls (1914)*short
  • The Bond of Love (1914)*short
  • Graustark (1915)
  • The White Sister (1915)
  • The Whirlpool (1915)*short
  • In the Palace of the King (1915)
  • The Second Son (1915)*short
  • Captain Jinks of the Horse Marines (1916)
  • The Little Shepherd of Bargain Row (1916)
  • Power (1916)*short
  • The War Bride of Plumville (1916)*short
  • The Prince of Graustark (1916)
  • The Breaker (1916)
  • The Trufflers (1917)
  • Be My Best Man (1917)*short
  • The Man Who Was Afraid (1917)
  • Star Dust (1917)*short
  • The Fable of Prince Fortunatus, Who Moved Away from Easy Street, and Silas, the Saver, Who Movied In (1917)*short
  • The Fibbers (1917)
  • The Kill-Joy (1917)
  • The Mysterious Client (1918)
  • For Sale (1918)


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