Fred A. Huber Trophy

The Fred A. Huber Trophy was awarded annually by the International Hockey League to the North American ice hockey team with the most points during the regular season. The trophy for the league championship was originally named the J. P. McGuire Trophy, the owner of Detroit car dealership, and sponsor. In 1954, the trophy was renamed for Fred A. Huber Jr. On September 24, 2007, the second incarnation of the IHL renamed the Tarry Cup as the Huber Trophy as a tribute to the original league.


J. P. McGuire Trophy
1946–47Windsor Staffords37
1947–48Windsor Hettche Spitfires39
1948–49Toledo Mercurys48
1949–50Sarnia Sailors55
1950–51Grand Rapids Rockets84
1951–52Grand Rapids Rockets64
1952–53Cincinnati Mohawks90
1953–54Cincinnati Mohawks96
Fred A. Huber Trophy
1954–55Cincinnati Mohawks81
1955–56Cincinnati Mohawks92
1956–57Cincinnati Mohawks101
1957–58Cincinnati Mohawks91
1958–59Louisville Rebels71
1959–60Fort Wayne Komets102
1960–61Minneapolis Millers102
1961–62Muskegon Zephyrs88
1962–63Fort Wayne Komets75
1963–64Toledo Blades86
1964–65Port Huron Flags91
1965–66Muskegon Mohawks97
1966–67Dayton Gems91
1967–68Muskegon Mohawks98
1968–69Dayton Gems91
1969–70Muskegon Mohawks100
1970–71Muskegon Mohawks91
1971–72Muskegon Mohawks100
1972–73Fort Wayne Komets99
1973–74Des Moines Capitols96
1974–75Muskegon Mohawks99
1975–76Dayton Gems104
1976–77Saginaw Gears91
1977–78Fort Wayne Komets97
1978–79Grand Rapids Owls109
1979–80Kalamazoo Wings99
1980–81Kalamazoo Wings114
1981–82Toledo Goaldiggers111
1982–83Toledo Goaldiggers113
1983–84Fort Wayne Komets112
1984–85Peoria Rivermen105
1985–86Fort Wayne Komets112
1986–87Fort Wayne Komets104
1987–88Muskegon Lumberjacks126
1988–89Muskegon Lumberjacks121
1989–90Muskegon Lumberjacks116
1990–91Peoria Rivermen121
1991–92Kansas City Blades116
1992–93San Diego Gulls132
1993–94Las Vegas Thunder115
1994–95Denver Grizzlies120
1995–96Las Vegas Thunder122
1996–97Detroit Vipers122
1997–98Long Beach Ice Dogs115
1998–99Houston Aeros121
1999-00Chicago Wolves114
2000–01Grand Rapids Griffins113


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