Fratelli d'Italia (1989 film)

Fratelli d'Italia is a 1989 Italian comedy film directed by Neri Parenti.[1]

Fratelli d'Italia
Italian theatrical release poster by Enzo Sciotti
Directed byNeri Parenti
Written byCarlo Vanzina
Enrico Vanzina
StarringMassimo Boldi
Jerry Calà
Christian De Sica
Sabrina Salerno
Gian Fabio Bosco
CinematographyRoberto Gerardi
Edited bySergio Montanari
Release date
Running time
98 min.

Plot summary

Three episodes held together by a common element: a car rented by three different characters. A salesman ends up the case to pass a great weekend on a VIP boat. An employee saw go up in smoke the long-awaited night of passion with the wife of the chief. A Milan fan forced by circumstances to pretend frantic Roma player.



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