Franz Joseph Feuchtmayer

Franz Joseph Feuchtmayer (9 March 1660 (baptized) 25 December 1718) was a member of the German Feuchtmayer family of Baroque artists of the Wessobrunner School.

Feuchtmayer was born in Wessobrunn Abbey. A sculptor and stuccoist, he (along with his brother Johann Michael) was responsible for the choir stalls in the Benedictine monastery church in Einsiedeln, Switzerland,[1] and for the sculptures on the altars and pulpits in the Parish Church of St. Maria in Seitenstetten, Austria.[2] He also assisted in the rebuilding of the Salem Abbey, destroyed in a fire in 1697.[3] He died in Mimmenhausen (near Salem, Bodensee).

He was the brother of Johann Michael Feuchtmayer (the Elder) and Michael Feuchtmayer (b. 1667); the father of Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer (16961770); the uncle of Franz Xaver Feuchtmayer (the Elder) (17051764) and Johann Michael Feuchtmayer (the Younger) (17091772); and the great-uncle of Franz Xaver Feuchtmayer (the Younger) (17351803).


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