Franz (film)

Franz is a 1971 Belgian-French film directed by Jacques Brel.

Directed byJacques Brel Barbara
Written byPaul Andréota
Jacques Brel
StarringJacques Brel
Release date
  • 1971 (1971)
Running time
91 minutes


The story takes place in a Belgium seaside town, at a boarding house for civil servants recovering from surgery and illness. The six male residents' lives change dramatically when two women arrive. Catherine is a lively, sexually liberated woman willing to kiss, dance, and sleep with the men. Leonie is reserved, formal, and conservative. Leonie finds herself attracted to Leon, a Belgian who was a mercenary in Katanga in 1964, He was wounded and carries psychological scars of war. The other men play practical jokes on Leon, some of them cruel. As Leon courts Leonie, his mother brings him emotional distress as do his memories of war. The unlikely pair struggle to get past these obstacles.[1]


  • Jacques Brel – Leon
  • Barbara – Leonie
  • Danièle Evenou – Catherine
  • Fernand Fabre – Antoine
  • Louis Navarre – Armond
  • Ceel – Pascal
  • Serge Sauvion – Serge
  • François Cadet – Jules
  • Luc Poret – Henri
  • Jacques Provins – Grosjean
  • Catherine Bady – Madame Grosjean


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