Frantic Assembly

Frantic Assembly is a theatre production company. They have worked in around 30 countries[1] and are widely studied as practitioners for A-Levels in the UK.[2]


Frantic Assembly was formed in 1994 by Scot Greham, Steven Hogartz and Viki Midleton, 3 students from Swansea University. None of the three studied Drama or any of the arts, but were inspired by theatre and wanted to create their own unique company.[3] They wanted to create non-realalistic pieces through the use of lots of movement and music, although they have always said that this should never stray away from the storyline.[4] Their most notable production, in co-operation with The National Theatre, is The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time which won a Tony award for Best Play in 2016. In 2016, Frantic Assembly collaborated with State Theatre South Australia and Andrew Bovell to create Things I Know To Be True. This toured both Australia (2016) and the UK (2016 and 2017). In 2018, Frantic Assembly launched a podcast, which has had guest appearances from old school teachers of Scott Graham, Simon Stephens and Karl Hyde from Underworld.[5]


Production Name Origination Year Music Composed By Written By
Look Back In Anger 1994 N/A John Osborne
Klub 1995 Andy Cleeton Devised by Frantic Assembly
Flesh 1996 Various Devised by Frantic Assembly
Zero 1997 N/A Devised by Frantic Assembly
Sellout 1998 Deadly Avenger Michael Wynne
Hymns 1999 Various Chris O'Connell
Underworld 2001 Various Nicola McCartney
Tiny Dynamite 2001 Various Abi Morgan
Heavenly 2002 Various Scott Graham, Steven Hoggett, Liam Steel
Peepshow 2002 Lamb Isabel Wright
Rabbit 2003 Deadly Avenger Brendan Cowell
On Blindness 2004 Various Devised by Company
Dirty Wonderland 2005 Goldfrapp Devised by Frantic Assembly
Pool (No Water) 2006 Imogen Heap Mark Ravenhill
Stockholm 2007 Various Bryony Lavery
Othello 2008 Hybrid William Shakespeare (edited by Scott Graham & Steven Hoggett)
Beautiful Burnout 2010 Underworld Bryony Lavery
Lovesong 2011 Various Abi Morgan
Little Dogs 2012 Hybrid Devised by Frantic Assembly
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time 2012 Adrian Sutton Simon Stephens
The Believers 2014 Various Bryony Lavery
No Way Back 2015 Various Devised by Frantic Assembly
Things I Know To Be True 2016 Nils Frahm Andrew Bovell
This Will All Be Gone 2017 Various Devised by Frantic Assembly
Fatherland 2017 Karl Hyde from Underworld, Matthew Herbert Simon Stephens
Othello (Collaboration with National Youth Theatre) 2017 Hybrid William Shakespeare (edited by Scott Graham & Steven Hoggett)
The Unreturning 2018 Pete Malkin Anna Jordan
Sometimes Thinking 2019 Underworld Phil Porter
I Think We Are Alone 2020 Ella Wahlström Sally Abbott
A Winding Road to Nowhere 2023 Magic Carpet Ryde Zoro Zwager


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