Frank Cyril Tiarks

Frank Cyril Tiarks OBE (also known as FC Tiarks) (Balham, 9 July 1874 Loxton, 7 April 1952) was an English banker.


He was a son of Henry Frederick Tiarks (London, 23 December 1832 - Foxbury, Chislehurst, 18 October 1911), a banker, and wife (London, 11 September 1862) Agnes Morris (Oxford, July/September 1840 - 1923), paternal grandson of Johann Gerhard Tiarks (Jever, 25 May 1798 - Tottenham, 8 March 1858), Chaplain of the Duchess of Kent, and wife (London, 20 October 1825) Emily Phipps (London, 26 May 1798 - London, 6 March 1841), daughter of Josiah Phipps, and great-grandson of Johann Gerhard Tiarks and wife Christine Dorothea Ehrentraut.[1]


Educated on HMS Britannia 1887-89, and served as midshipman in the Royal Navy 1889-94. Resigned his commission following the death of his elder brother, to join his father in business. Among his appointments were a directorship of the Bank of England (1912-1945); a partnership in J. Henry Schröder & Co.; a partnership in the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (1917-1948); and High Sheriff of Kent for 1927.[2] See for genealogy information.

Served in World War I, 1914-18 under Sir William Reginald Hall, Director of Naval Intelligence, in Room 40 Admiralty, as Lieut.-Cmdr.[3]

Of German descent himself, like his wife, he was also listed as a member of the Anglo-German Fellowship, of the British Union of Fascists and in Hitler's 'Black Book'.[4]

Marriage and issue

Tiarks married in Hamburg on 18 November 1899 Emmie (Emmy) Marie Franziska Brödermann of Hamburg, Germany (15 February 1875 – 27 July 1943), daughter of Eduard Matthias Brödermann (Hamburg, 27 February 1842 - Hamburg, 28 February 1904), merchant, and wife (Hamburg, 3 May 1872) Ramona Luisa Clara Ignacia Störzel (Grabow, 2 June 1852 - Hamburg, 24 June 1939); paternal granddaughter of Carl Matthias Brödermann (Hamburg, 28 April 1789 - Eimsbüttel, 10 June 1854), a merchant, married firstly in Havana on 16 March 1828 Anna Oom (Lisbon, 1 September 1787 - Hamburg, 28 February 1837),[5] and second wife (Hamburg, 18 December 1838) Marianne Kunhardt (Hamburg, 10 March 1815 - Eimsbüttel, 23 February 1882) and maternal granddaughter of Heinrich Eduard Störzel (Grabow, 26 September 1819 - Hamburg, 2 April 1885) and wife (Durango, Mexico, 15 December 1847) María Ramona Redo Balmaseda (Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, 14 October 1830 - Brannenburg, 23 October 1914); and great-granddaughter of Johann Hinrich Brödermann, Bürger and shipbroker, and wife Anna Senglemann, Georg Wilhelm Kunhardt and wife Anna Maria Schultz and Diego Redo and wife María Francisca Balmaseda.[6] [7] [8]

His granddaughter, Henrietta Tiarks, The Dowager Duchess of Bedford, is the widow of the fourteenth Duke of Bedford. He is also first cousin third removed of Mark Phillips.


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