Frank Cifaldi

Frank Cifaldi is a video game preservationist, historian, and developer. He is the director of the Video Game History Foundation[1][2] and has assisted in projects including Digital Eclipse's Mega Man Legacy Collection[3][4] and The Disney Afternoon Collection remasters.[5] He is also known for his extensive personal collection of video game periodicals.[6][7] Cifaldi has also researched early video game advertising,[8] early Nintendo prototypes,[9] and the official Super Mario Bros. release date.[10] He presented on games preservation at the 2016 Game Developers Conference.[11][12] Cifaldi is additionally a former features editor of Gamasutra[13] and a former host of the Retronauts podcast.[14]

Frank Cifaldi
Cifaldi at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo
OccupationVideo game archivist, historian, and developer


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