Franco Fabrizi

Franco Fabrizi (15 February 1916, in Cortemaggiore 18 October 1995) was an Italian actor.

Franco Fabrizi
Born(1916-02-15)15 February 1916
Died18 October 1995(1995-10-18) (aged 79)

Life and career

Son of a barber and of a cinema cashier, Franco Fabrizi started his career as a model and an actor in fotoromanzi.[1] Fabrizi also starred on several revues and stage works, then he debuted on the big screen with a supporting role in Chronicle of a Love (Cronaca di un amore) (1950), Michelangelo Antonioni's long film debut.[1]

The role that made him known was as Fausto in Federico Fellini's I vitelloni; from then he was inextricably linked to the character of a full-time seducer, a young wastrel, a young not-so-young man who refuses to grow up, a character that he reprised, with different facets, in a great number of films.[1] Past the 1950s, Fabrizi was mainly relegated to character roles in Italian, French and Spanish minor productions;[1] he still appeared on several major works of Italian cinema, and one of his last great roles was in Luchino Visconti's Death in Venice.[2]

In 1993 he had a serious car accident from which he recovered; immediately after, however, it manifested the illness that led him to death.[3] Fabrizi died of bowel cancer in 1995.

Selected filmography


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