Franck Venaille

Franck Venaille (1936 – 23 August 2018) was a French poet and writer.[1] His poetry is characterized by its expressive power, seeking to bring out the animal side of man, his impulses and anxieties.


Born into a Catholic family in the XIth arrondissement of Paris, Franck Venaille was permanently marked by his military service during the Algerian War. This test resurfaces from time to time in his poetry, even in its most recent works. It forms the explicit subject of The War of Algeria (1978) and Algeria (2004).

In his childhood, he stayed in Belgium for three months, starting a deep attraction for Flanders. This is the recurring background of his poetry, particularly his major work, The Descent of Scheldt (1995).

He is close to painters Peter Klasen and Jacques Monory, who exerted a significant influence on his work. He works at the magazine Poetic Action (1960) and Orange Export Ltd. (1980). He also founded the journals Chorus (1968) and Mr. Bloom (1978). From 1974, he worked for France Culture, working in particular with the issue Les Nuits magnétiques.


He received numerous awards, including the Mallarmé prize in 1996 for The Descent of the Scheldt. Venaille's most recent book, It, won the 2009 Robert Ganzo Prize and the 2009 Alain Bosquet Prize.


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