Francis X. Bushman filmography

This page is devoted to the film and television work of Francis X. Bushman. They encompass the years 1911-66.





  • Hearts and Flowers (Short) as John Martin
  • The Hour and the Man (Short) as Frank Maxwell
  • Through the Storm (Short) as Andy Burton
  • The Girl at the Curtain (Short) as Warren Bradley
  • Dawn and Twilight (Short) as Pietro Delani, a Blind Musician
  • The Other Girl (Short) as Frank Dixon
  • Shadows (Short) as Secret Service Agent Dan Grayson
  • The Three Scratch Clue (Short) as Norman Arnold
  • In the Moon's Ray (Short) as Richard Neal
  • The Man for A'That (Short) as Frank Willard
  • Yarn a-Tangle (Short)
  • The Mystery of Room 643 (Short) as Richard Neal
  • Mongrel and Master (Short) as Frank Mitchell, the Master
  • Ashes of Hope (Short) as Fred Willard
  • The Voice in the Wilderness (Short) as Frank - the Author
  • Blood Will Tell (Short) as Richard Brimsmore
  • The Elder Brother (Short) as Dr. Phillip Caldwell - the Elder Brother
  • Jane (Short) as The Red-Haired Man
  • Finger Prints (Short) as Richard Neal
  • The Countess (Short) as Richard Hasbrook
  • Trinkets of Tragedy (Short) as Harrison Hyde
  • A Night with a Million (Short) as Jack Wilton
  • The Night Hawks (Short) as Humphrey
  • His Stolen Fortune (Short) as Frank Wentworth
  • One Wonderful Night
  • The Motor Buccaneers (Short) as William Mash
  • The Masked Wrestler (Short) as Louis de Luzon
  • Ambushed (Short) as Frank Mitchell
  • Under Royal Patronage (Short) as Richard Savage
  • The Plum Tree (Short) as Craig Ewell
  • Sparks of Fate (Short) as Frank Graham
  • A Splendid Dishonor (Short) as Frank Sergeant
  • The Other Man (Short) as Harry Ross
  • In the Glare of the Lights (Short) as Glen Duval
  • The Private Officer (Short) as Harry Lampton / Lt. Frothingham
  • The Unplanned Elopement (Short) as Frank Melbourne
  • The Prince Party (Short) as Prince Francis of Fournia
  • Scars of Possession (Short) as Payne Forsythe
  • The Battle of Love as Arthur Chandler


  • The Fable of the Bush League Lover Who Failed to Qualify (Short) as The Matinee Idol
  • Every Inch a King (Short) as King Leofric of Vidonia
  • The Battle of Love as Arthur Chandler
  • Any Woman's Choice (Short) as The Mutual Friend
  • The Shanty at Trembling Hill (Short) as Richard Scott
  • The Gallantry of Jimmy Rodgers (Short) as Jimmy Rodgers
  • The Ambition of the Baron (Short) as Count Jean de Lugnan
  • Thirteen Down (Short) as Arnold Austin
  • The Accounting (Short) as Gordon Bannock
  • Stars Their Courses Change (Short) as Robert Cameron
  • The Great Silence (Short) as John Landon
  • Graustark (survives) as Grenfall Lorry
  • The Return of Richard Neal (Short) as Richard Neal
  • Thirty (Short) as Dick Thompson
  • The Slim Princess as Alexander H. Pike
  • Providence and Mrs. Urmy (Short) as Barton the Chauffeur & Lord Chilminster
  • The Second in Command (survives) as Lt. Col. Miles Anstruther
  • The Silent Voice as Franklyn Starr
  • Pennington's Choice (survives) as Robert Pennington










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