Francis Fulford (television personality)

Francis Fulford, Esq (born 31 August 1952) is a British reality TV personality. He is a member of the United Kingdom's landed gentry, and the 23rd Fulford to have owned and inhabited Great Fulford manor house.[1][2]

Family estate

Fulford is Lord of the Manor of Great Fulford. He is the current owner of the estate which was granted to his ancestor William de Fulford by Richard I of England about 1191, as a reward for military service on the Third Crusade.[3] The present great house dates back to the 16th century.[4]

Life and career

Francis Fulford is the son of Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Edgar Anthony Fulford and Joan Shirley, younger daughter of Rear-Admiral C. Maurice Blackman, DSO.[5] He is a great-great-grandson of Francis Fulford (1803–1868), Bishop of Montreal.[6]

Fulford attended Sunningdale School in Berkshire, but failed the common entrance exam for Eton, so instead attended Milton Abbey School in Dorset. After leaving there, he did not go on to any higher education.[7] At 18 he started a career with the Coldstream Guards, but failed the Army Officer Selection Board exam and so left after nine months. He travelled to Australia to work as a jackaroo, but soon returned to Britain, re-taking (and again failing) the Army Officer Selection Board exam,[7] before moving to London to work as a stockbroker and insurance broker.[1] Since inheriting the family estate he has devoted himself to its management, though it is in need of restoration and currently (according to his many television appearances) in a state of severe debt. He lives there with his wife Kishanda and four children.

Since 2004 he has maintained an ongoing career in reality television, appearing in various entertainment and documentary-style programmes, many of which (such as The F***ing Fulfords) make a feature of his casual swearing, prejudices,[8] and traditionalist views.[9][10][11]

In 2007 he attempted a move into local politics, standing for a seat on Teignbridge District Council as a member of the Conservative Party. He was defeated, gaining 370 votes out of an electorate of 2215.[12] He is currently a member of the UK Independence Party.[13]

Reality television


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