Francesco Barberini (1662–1738)

Francesco Barberini (12 November 1662 – 17 August 1738) was an Italian Cardinal of the family of Pope Urban VIII (1623–1644) and of the Princes of Palestrina.


He was born in Rome, the eldest son of Maffeo Barberini and Olimpia Giustiniani (a niece of Pope Innocent X), the nephew of cardinal Carlo Barberini and the grandson of Taddeo Barberini (a nephew of Pope Urban VIII). He gave up his birthright (as eldest son) for an ecclesiastic career thereby making his brother, Urbano Barberini, heir to the Barberini estate.

He was created by Pope Alexander VIII on 13 November 1690 with the dispensation of having a cousin (Rinaldo d'Este, who later left his ecclesiastic career to marry) and uncle (Carlo Barberini) in the Sacred College and for not having yet received the minor orders.

He was ordained deacon only in 1700 and priest in 1715. He participated in the five papal conclaves (1691, 1700, 1721, 1724 and 1730). Abbot of Farfa and Subiaco from 1704. He was Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina (3 March 1721 until 1 July 1726) and Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia e Velletri (1 July 1726). He became dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals in December 1734.

He died at his Roman palace, at the age of 75.


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