François Leterrier

François Leterrier, born 26 May 1929 in Margny-lès-Compiègne, is a French film director and actor. He entered the film industry when he was cast in Robert Bresson's film A Man Escaped. After this he went on to become a director himself.

Life and career

François Leterrier studied at the University of Paris where he took a degree in philosophy. During his student years he frequently attended at the university's film club. He did his military service in Morocco, where he was discovered by the film director Robert Bresson, known for casting unknowns, who gave him the leading role in the 1956 film A Man Escaped. After this, Leterrier was able to work as an assistant director for Louis Malle, Etienne Périer and Yves Allégret. His first film as director was Les Mauvais Coups from 1961, based on a novel by Roger Vailland. He also went on to adapt works by Jean Giono, Paul Morand and Raymond Queneau.[1]

François's son Louis is a film director notable for his action and blockbuster films such as the first two Transporter films, The Incredible Hulk, Clash of the Titans and Now You See Me.


Directed for film

Directed for television

  • La Guêpe (1965)
  • Milady (1976)
  • Pierrot mon ami (1979)
  • Le Voleur d'enfants (1981)
  • Le Cœur du voyage (1986)
  • L'Île (1987)
  • Imogène (1989, 3 episodes)
  • Clovis (1993, 2 episodes)
  • Les Disparus de Reillanne (1993)



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