Fräulein Lilli

Fräulein Lilli or Miss Lilli is a 1936 Austrian comedy film directed by Hans Behrendt, Robert Wohlmuth and Max Neufeld.[1] It starred Franciska Gaal, Hans Jaray and S.Z. Sakall. It was Gaal's last European film,[2] although she did briefly start work in 1946 on Renee XIV, before it was abandoned during filming.

Fräulein Lilli
Directed byMax Neufeld
Hans Behrendt
Robert Wohlmuth
Produced byOskar Glück
Written byIstván Békeffy
Siegfried Geyer
László Vadnay
StarringFranciska Gaal
Hans Jaray
S.Z. Sakall
Music byBarbara Bory
Artur Guttmann
Hans J. Salter
Fred Spielman
Stefan Weiß
CinematographyWilly Goldberger
Ernst Mühlrad
Edited byLadislaus Vidor
Projektograph Film
Distributed byDeutsche Universal-Film
Release date
25 September 1936



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