Fourth Rahman cabinet


Full members

The federal cabinet consisted of the following ministers:

Portfolio Office Bearer Party Constituency Term Start Term End
Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman MP UMNO Kuala Kedah
Minister of External Affairs
Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Razak Hussein MP UMNO Pekan
Minister of Defence
Minister of National and Rural Development
Minister of Finance Tan Siew Sin MP MCA Malacca Tengah
Minister of Home Affairs Ismail Abdul Rahman MP UMNO Johore Timor
Minister of Works, Posts and Telecommunications V. T. Sambanthan MP MIC Sungei Siput
Minister of Transport V. Manickavasagam MP MIC Klang
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Hamzah Abu Samah MP UMNO Raub
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports
Minister of Education Abdul Rahman Ya'kub MP BUMIPUTERA Payang
Minister of Justice Abdul Ghani Gilong MP USNO Kinabalu
Minister of Health Sardon Jubir MP UMNO Pontian Utara

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