Fourth Hughes Ministry

The Fourth Hughes Ministry was the fifteenth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 5 May 1917 to 3 February 1920.[1]

Nationalist Party of Australia

Portfolio Minister
Prime Minister and Attorney-General Rt Hon Billy Hughes, KC MP
Treasurer Rt Hon Sir John Forrest, GCMG MP (to 27 March 1918)

Hon William Watt, MP (from 27 March 1918)

Minister for Home and Territories Hon Paddy Glynn, KC MP
Minister for Defence Senator Hon George Pearce
Minister for the Navy Rt Hon Joseph Cook, MP
Minister for Works and Railways Hon William Watt, MP (to 27 March 1918)

Hon Littleton Groom, MP (from 27 March 1918)

Minister for Trade and Customs Hon Jens Jensen, MP (to 13 December 1918)

Hon William Watt, MP (13 December 1918 to 17 January 1919)

Hon Walter Massy-Greene, MP (from 17 January 1919)

Minister for Repatriation Senator Hon Edward Millen (from 28 September 1917)
Postmaster-General Hon William Webster, MP
Vice-President of the Executive Council Senator Hon Edward Millen (to 16 November 1917)

Hon Littleton Groom, MP (16 November 1917 to 27 March 1918)

Senator Hon Edward Russell (from 27 March 1918)

Leader of the Government in the Senate Senator Hon Edward Millen
Honorary Minister Hon Littleton Groom, MP (to 16 November 1917)

Senator Hon Edward Russell (to 17 January 1919)

Hon Walter Massy-Greene (27 March 1918 to 17 January 1919)

Hon Alexander Poynton (from 27 March 1918)

Hon George Wise, MP (from 27 March 1918)

Hon Richard Orchard, MP (27 March 1918 to 31 January 1919)

Acting Prime Minister in Mr. Hughes' absence Hon William Watt, MP (April 1918 - August 1919)


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