Four Girls in White

Four Girls in White is a 1939 drama film directed by S. Sylvan Simon, starring Florence Rice and Una Merkel. It follows the mostly comical exploits of four nursing students enrolled in a three-year training course.[1]

Four Girls in White
1939 theatrical poster
Directed byS. Sylvan Simon
Produced byNat Levine
Written byEndre Bohem
Nathalie Bucknall
StarringFlorence Rice
Una Merkel
Buddy Ebsen
CinematographyLeonard Smith
Edited byGeorge Boemler
Distributed byLoew's Incorporated
Release date
  • January 27, 1939 (1939-01-27)
Running time
73 minutes
CountryUnited States


Student nurses at a large urban hospital cope with life's problems and career issues. Deciding that the nursing profession presents a wonderful opportunity to corral a prosperous husband, Norma Page enrolls in a nursing program headed by Miss Tobias. Other new recruits to the program at Maitland Hospital are Norma's sister Patricia, Mary Forbes, a young mother, and Gertie Robbins. Soon after starting her job at the hospital, Norma dates Dr. Stephen Melford, the brilliant resident physician. However, when Stephen forsakes a lucrative private practice for a life of public service, Norma breaks off the relationship. Norma's next quarry is wealthy playboy Robert Maitland, a descendant of the hospital's founder, who is admitted to the hospital after being shot by a jealous dancer. Following his recuperation, Robert checks out of the hospital without saying a word to Norma. When Norma sees Robert leaving, though, she immediately hands her patient over to Mary, who leaves her post to cover for Norma, so that she can bid Robert farewell. Norma succeeds in cajoling an invitation from Robert for her and Pat to join him on his father's yacht, but her act has dire consequences for Mary, who is reprimanded and denied her vacation for leaving her post. Rather than confess that she was responsible for Mary's dereliction of duty, Norma joins Pat and Robert on the yacht, but when Robert falls in love with Pat, Norma decides to return to the hospital. Shortly thereafter, Mary is killed by an insane patient, and the other nurses resent Norma for letting Mary take the blame for her misdeed. Norma is on the verge of resigning when she joins an emergency team that is speeding to administer aid to the victims of a train wreck. Norma proves her mettle as, amid a raging storm, she endangers her own life to assist the injured. Norma's devotion to duty regains Stephen's love and proves her worthy of her title.

From TCM Synopsis.


Production notes

  • Working titles for this film were Women in White and Diary of a Nurse.
  • Production Dates:5 Dec 1938-3 Jan 1939


On April 4, 1939 Jack Benny and his ensemble performed a parody of "Four Girls in White" on "The JELL-O Program"[2]


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