Fort Yuma Indian Reservation

The Fort Yuma Indian Reservation is a part of the traditional lands of the Quechan people. Established in 1884 from the former Fort Yuma, the reservation, at 32°47′04″N 114°38′43″W, has a land area of 178.197 km2 (68.802 sq mi) in southeastern Imperial County, California, and western Yuma County, Arizona, near the city of Yuma, Arizona. Both the county and city are named for the tribe. As of the 2010 Census the population was 2,189.[1] In 1910, the community of Bard, California, was created after the eastern part of the reservation was declared surplus under the Dawes Act.

In 2009, the Quechan Tribe opened a large gaming resort, the Quechan Casino Resort, on their reservation land.[2]


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