Fort Matilda

Fort Matilda is a suburb at the far western edge of Greenock, Scotland, Its name comes from a coastal battery built on Whiteforeland Point 181419 to defend the River Clyde.[1]

In 1862 the Confederate paddle steamer Iona I collided with Chanticleer and sank off Fort Matilda. There was no loss of life. The site of the wreck is designated as a Historic Marine Protected Area.[2]

The suburb is served by Fort Matilda railway station which was built for the Caledonian Railway in 1889.[1][3]

In the 1890s the fort was renovated to support a minefield which had been built offshore, and refurbished again in 190204.[1] A Royal Naval Torpedo Factory was opened in Fort Matilda in 191012 which was designed to be the principal centre of torpedo manufacture and development in Britain.[4] The fort was demolished shortly before to World War II[1] and the factory closed in 1951 when production was moved to Alexandria.[4]


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