Fort Mary B

Fort Mary B was the first permanent structure in the Breckenridge, Colorado area. It was a wooden stockade built in 1859 due to the presence of Utes in the area.[1][2] It was renamed Fort Mary B for the first woman in the area, whose identity is unclear.[1][lower-alpha 1] The stockade covered a couple of acres and had a log cabin at each corner.[1] The first log cabin was built by Ruben Spalding.[3] The town of Breckenridge was established one mile south of the site,[2] which is near the Wells Fargo Bank.[1]

Fort Mary B
Fort Independence, Fort Independent, Fort Breckenridge, Fort Meribeh
Fort Mary B
The site was located very near the Wells Fargo Bank in Breckenridge
Coordinates: 39°29′16.08″N 106°2′49.9″W
CountryUnited States
Nearest townBreckenridge

It was first called Fort Independent or Fort Independence.[1] The fort is also said to have been called Fort Breckenridge and Fort Meribeh.[2] The town charter only list two names for the former Breckenridge area: Fort Meribeh and Fort Mary B.[4]


  1. It may have been named for Mary Bigelow, the first woman to stay at the fort. Or, it may have been named for a Mr. Mabery who helped build the stockade.[3]


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