Fort Apache Napoli

Fort Apache Napoli (Italian: Fortapàsc) is a 2009 film directed by Marco Risi about the brief life and death of journalist Giancarlo Siani, who is played by Libero De Rienzo.

Fort Apache Napoli (Fortapàsc)
Directed byMarco Risi
Produced byAngelo Barbagallo
Gianluca Curti
Written byJim Carrington
Andrea Purgatori
Marco Risi
Maurizio Cerino
StarringLibero De Rienzo
Valentina Lodovini
Michele Riondino
Ennio Fantastichini
Ernesto Mahieux
Daniele Pecci
Gianfranco Gallo
Massimiliano Gallo
Music byFranco Piersanti
CinematographyMarco Onorato
Edited byClelio Benevento
Distributed by01 Distribution
Release date
  • 20 March 2009 (2009-03-20)
Running time
113 minutes


The film tells the story of Giancarlo Siani, a young Neapolitan journalist who works in the editorial room of Il Mattino in Torre Annunziata. He works the crime beat (cronaca nera). While writing about crimes and murders by the Camorra, Siani begins to investigate the Camorra's alliances with the politicians of Torre Annunziata, and to discover large areas of corruption and collusion between politicians and organized crime.

Despite the somewhat veiled threats of the local political class, Siani continues his inquiries, especially after the "massacre of the circle of fishermen". His articles particularly annoy the local Camorra bosses because they undermine their political and criminal alliances. So, after he was transferred to Naples by his paper, the Camorra meet, and decide to kill, Siani. Siani is shot outside his girlfriend's house, in the residential district of Vomero, on 23 September 1985. Siani was only 26.




The soundtrack includes the following tracks:

  • Ogni Volta - Vasco Rossi
  • La torre di Babele - Edoardo Bennato
  • Tu ca nun chiagne - Ciro Capano
  • Pe' sempre - Ciro Capano
  • O bene mio - Ciro Capano
  • Napule e - Pino Daniele
  • Jesce sole - R. De Simone
  • Centro di gravità permanente - Franco Battiato
  • Pop corn e patatine - Nino D'Angelo
  • Casanova '70 - performed by Antonio Buonomo
  • Dicitencello vuje - performed by Mario Abbate
  • O ritratto 'e Nanninella - performed by Antonio Buonomo
  • Nocturne from String Quartet No. 2 in D Major by A. Borodin - performed by the Pessoa Quartet (I Kyung Lee, Marco Quaranta, Rita Gucci, Achilles Taddeo)
  • Quanno chiove - Pino Daniele
  • River runs deep - JJ Cale
  • Scumbinata - Mammoliti, Mambelli, Di Carlo, Poggiani
  • Noi ragazzi di oggi - performed by Luis Miguel


The film grossed € 703,000.


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