Forbidden Cargo (1954 film)

Forbidden Cargo is a 1954 British crime film, directed by Harold French[3] and starring Nigel Patrick, Elizabeth Sellars and Jack Warner.[3]

Forbidden Cargo
Directed byHarold French
Produced bySydney Box
Written bySydney Box
StarringNigel Patrick
Elizabeth Sellars
Terence Morgan
Greta Gynt
Jack Warner
Theodore Bikel
Music byLambert Williamson
CinematographyC.M. Pennington-Richards
Edited byAnne V. Coates
Distributed byGeneral Film Distributors
Release date
4 May 1954
Running time
85 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


A customs officer captures a gang of drugs smugglers, assisted by a birdwatcher.[3]


Critical reception

Leonard Maltin noted a "Modest drama," which was "enlivened by a solid cast";[4] British Pictures noted a "Nice cast, but dreary story";[5] Allmovie wrote, "Apart from the always delightful Joyce Grenfell, Forbidden Cargo is humorless Dragnet material transplanted to the high seas";[6] while Sky Cinema noted a "workmanlike British thriller from the Fifties, directed by Harold French, has a documentary feel, with some crisp dialogue by Sydney Box. The suave Nigel Patrick stars as the customs investigator alerted to nefarious coastal activities by none other than the wonderful Joyce Grenfell. She is cast as an aristocratic birdwatcher who is most put out that a suspicious landing craft should disturb her nesting birds. Other stalwarts appearing include Elizabeth Sellars and Terence Morgan as brother-and-sister smugglers, Jack Warner, Greta Gynt, Michael Hordern and Eric Pohlmann, particularly good as a Polish racketeer. A pleasing period piece."[7]


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