For Pete's Sake!

For Pete's Sake! is a 1934 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Gus Meins. It was the 127th (39th talking episode) Our Gang short that was released.

For Pete's Sake!
Directed byGus Meins
Produced byHal Roach
StarringGeorge McFarland
Scotty Beckett
Tommy Bond
Wally Albright
Matthew Beard
Pete the Pup
Music byMarvin Hatley
Leroy Shield
CinematographyFrancis Corby
Edited byRay Snyder
Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date
  • April 14, 1934 (1934-04-14)
Running time
17' 50"[1]
CountryUnited States


After Wally fills little Marianne's favorite doll with sawdust and gives it to her, neighborhood bully Leonard lassos it with a rope and swings it out in the street, where a passing truck crushes it. The gang then promises to purchase a new doll for the brokenhearted girl, as her big sister Jane comforts her.

Unfortunately, the kids have no money; but it doesn't dampen their spirits. They window shop for a doll at the local toy store, where Leonard's equally obnoxious father, who coincidentally owns the store, agrees to give the kids a doll if they will trade their beloved Pete the Pup for it. Balking at this proposition, the kids concoct a variety of moneymaking schemes, all of them doomed to failure. Tearfully, the gang surrenders and trades Pete for the doll. Pete does major damage to the store seconds later, and Leonard's father grabs the doll back, claiming compensation for damage to his store. But Pete's continued destruction convinces him to give the doll and the dog back to the gang. They then take the doll to a happy Marianne.[2]


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