For Love or Money (game show)

For Love or Money was a daytime game show that aired on CBS from 1958-1959.


Each game featured three contestants attempting to buzz in and answer questions first. Each question was associated with a prize and the player with the correct answer could choose to keep to the prize or stop a "dancing decimal machine" on a five digit display which started with the prize value.[1] Later in the show, a home viewer whose phone number was chosen at random was asked a question and if correct, had the same option to take the prize or the money.

The cash values chosen at random could range from 2¢ to $9,999; however, this only lasted the first week. Starting in the second week, the cash values now ranged from 25¢ to $2,500. Thus, the board now read: 2 5 0 0.

British Version

In June 1959, ABC Productions produced a British version of For Love or Money for ITV, running for four series until 1961. Its hosts included Keith Fordyce, Bob Monkhouse, Dickie Henderson, and Des O'Connor.

The format was basically the same as the original American version, except that the board displayed a string of four 9s, and the decimal point was replaced with a "flying shilling sign", meaning contestants could win anywhere from 9/- to 9,999/- (just under £500).


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