Footwear News

Footwear News (sometimes referred to as FN) is a weekly print publication on the topic of women's, men's, and children's footwear. Founded in 1945, its coverage is for the fashion design and fashion retail industries.[2] It was originally published by Fairchild Media. The publication also operates which runs more consumer content than the print publication.[3]

Footwear News
Footwear News magazine cover from September 5, 2016.
Editorial DirectorMichael Atmore[1]
Year founded1945
CompanyPenske Media Corporation

The publication hosts the annual FN Achievement Awards, which has been referred to as the "Shoe Oscars."[4] It also hosts the FN CEO Summit, an event with footwear industry CEOs, designers, and brand builders.[5]

Footwear News was owned by Condé Nast and operated under the Fairchild Media brand.[6] It became a part of Penske Media Corporation when the company purchased Fairchild Media for $100 million in 2014.[7]


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