Folsom Lake Civic Ballet

Folsom Lake Civic Ballet is the official dance company for Folsom, California, USA. It is primarily a pre-professional ballet, and most performers are auditioned from the Folsom dance school Hawkins School of Performing Arts although adult dancers are invited as 'guest artists'.

Important people

  • Deirdre Hawkins - Artistic Director
  • Ashley (principal)
  • Jesslyn (Apprentice)
  • Hannah (Apprentice)
  • Emily (Apprentice)
  • Tess (Apprentice)
  • Elaine (Apprentice)
  • Paxton (Apprentice)
  • Katherine (Trainee)
  • Amelia (Trainee)
  • Kate (Trainee)
  • Kaitlyn (Trainee)
  • Kaelyn (Trainee)
  • Halie (Trainee)
  • Ciara (Trainee)
  • Elise (Trainee)
  • Alexandra (Trainee)
  • Saya (Trainee)
  • Elizabeth [monkey] (Trainee)
  • Kendra (Trainee)


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