Folly of Love

Folly of Love (German: Unfug der Liebe) is a 1928 German silent comedy film directed by Robert Wiene and starring Maria Jacobini, Jack Trevor and Betty Astor. While several of Wiene's previous films had met with mixed responses, Folly of Love was universally praised by critics.[1] It was Wiene's last silent film. His next work was the 1930 sound film The Other.

Folly of Love
Directed byRobert Wiene
Produced byMax Glass
Written byAlexander Castell (novel)
Max Glass
StarringMaria Jacobini
Jack Trevor
Betty Astor
Angelo Ferrari
Music byGiuseppe Becce
CinematographyGiovanni Vitrotti
Distributed byTerra Film
Release date
14 November 1928
German intertitles



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