FoCo Roller Derby

FoCo Roller Derby, formerly FoCo Girls Gone Derby, is a women's flat track roller derby league based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Founded in 2006, the league currently consists of two teams, and two mixed teams which compete against teams from other leagues. FoCo is a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).[1]

FoCo Roller Derby
Metro areaFort Collins, CO
CountryUnited States
TeamsMicro Bruisers (A team)
Brew Crew (B team)
Ale Marys
The Growlers
Track type(s)Flat
VenueMcKee 4-H Community Center
Rollerland Skate Center
Org. type501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization


The league's two home teams have evolved over the years. Originally the Chanel Cartel and the Death Row Dolls, which later became the Cinder Hellas and Psycho Sirens in 2009, and finally the Ale Marys and The Growlers in 2019. The Micro Bruisers is the league's primary all-star team for inter-league competition and is composed of skaters from the two home teams. The Brew Crew, a second travel team for up-and-coming stars, also had an identify change from the Punchy Brewsters in 2018.[2] New recruits are not referred to as "Fresh Meat" as in other roller derby leagues, but as "Fresh Hops"[3] to fit in with the rest of the leagues' brewing theme.


FoCo was founded in January 2006[4] and was accepted as a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association in January 2009.[5] Several other leagues have origins in FoCo, including the Choice City Rebels,[6] and the Slaughterhouse Derby Girls.[7]

Since 2009, FoCo has held an annual "Black and Blue Ball", a formal event featuring an intraleague bout[8] and an annual Salt N' Pepper bout which allows a mixed team of skaters and officials a change to switch roles and play or officiate.[9]

At the start of FoCo's 10th season, the league rebranded from FoCo Girls Gone Derby to FoCo Roller Derby to represents inclusiveness, athleticism and the local community.[10]

Mid-season 2018, FoCo Roller Derby lost their main events and practice venue, The Events Center, and are still in search of a new home in Northern Colorado.[11][12]

WFTDA rankings

Season Final ranking[13] Playoffs Championship
2010 22 W[14] DNQ DNQ
2011 26 W[15] DNQ DNQ
2012 29 W[16] DNQ DNQ
2013 137 WFTDA[17] DNQ DNQ
2014 185 WFTDA[18] DNQ DNQ
2015 172 WFTDA[19] DNQ DNQ
2016 207 WFTDA[20] DNQ DNQ
2017 133 WFTDA[21] DNQ DNQ
2018 115 WFTDA[22] DNQ DNQ


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