Floro PDW

The Floro PDW is a compact carbine that has been developed by the Floro International of the Philippines for conventional forces, as a replacement for their 9mm caliber sidearms and submachine guns.

Floro PDW
TypePersonal defense weapon, Sidearm
Place of origin Philippines
Production history
ManufacturerFloro International Corporation
Mass2.80 kg
3.26 kg (with accessories)
Length720 mm
450 mm (stock folded)
Barrel length200 mm

Cartridge5.56×45mm NATO
Rate of fire750 rpm
Feed system30-round STANAG magazine


The Floro PDW uses 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition and compatible with STANAG Magazines, improving ammunition compatibility requirements among troops while increasing their firepower effectiveness. The use of the Recoil Reduction System (RRS) enhances operator marksmanship and training. The Floro PDW can be fitted with an optional noise suppressor reduces the sound signature of the Floro PDW for Special Forces applications.


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