Flag of Melbourne

The Flag of Melbourne is the official flag for the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was based on the design of the arms component of the coat of arms of Melbourne, which in turn was based on the 1848 common seal.[1]

The flag features a white background divided into four quadrants by the red cross of Saint George, patron saint of England. On both sides of each arm of the cross are narrow red bars known as a cotise. In the centre there is a Royal Crown, signifying the monarchy.

The four quadrants divided by the cross each feature a design representing an important sector of Melbourne's economy in the mid 19th century. The designs are:

  • a fleece hanging from a red ring, representing the wool industry;
  • a black bull standing on a hillock, representing the cattle industry;
  • a three masted tall ship in full sail at sea, representing trade and shipping;
  • a spouting whale at sea, representing the whaling industry.

The Melbourne Flag is flown at various places, including: Melbourne Town Hall; on the Lord Mayor of Melbourne's car; at Enterprize Park, the location where the settlement began; and on the replica of tall ship Enterprize.

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