First cabinet of Odilon Barrot

The first cabinet of Odilon Barrot was the government of France from 20 December 1848 to 2 June 1849 under President of the Council Odilon Barrot. It was formed after the election of Louis Napoleon as President on 20 December 1848, the day that he took his oath. It replaced the cabinet of General Cavaignac.[1] After the May 1849 elections to the Legislative Assembly it was replaced by the second cabinet of Odilon Barrot.[2]

First cabinet of Odilon Barrot
cabinet of France
Date formed20 December 1848
Date dissolved2 June 1849
People and organisations
Head of stateLouis Napoleon
Head of governmentOdilon Barrot
PredecessorCabinet of General Cavaignac
SuccessorSecond cabinet of Odilon Barrot


The ministers were:[3]

Portfolio Holder Party
President of the Council of Ministers Odilon Barrot Party of Order
Minister of Foreign Affairs Édouard Drouyn de Lhuys Party of Order
Minister of the Interior Léon de Maleville Party of Order
Minister of Justice Odilon Barrot Party of Order
Minister of Finance Hippolyte Passy Party of Order
Minister of Public Works Léon Faucher Party of Order
Minister of Trade and Agricolture Jacques Alexandre Bixio Moderate Republican
Minister of Education Alfred de Falloux Party of Order
Minister of War Joseph Marcellin Rullière Military
Minister of the Navy and Colonies Victor Destutt de Tracy Party of Order


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