First Fraser Ministry

The First Fraser Ministry was the 51st Australian Commonwealth ministry, and held office from 11 November 1975 to 22 December 1975.[1] It was a Caretaker ministry appointed following the dismissal of the Whitlam Government at the climax of the 1975 Australian constitutional crisis. It comprised members of the Liberal Party and National Country Party, which were in coalition with one another. Pending the election of 13 December 1975, Fraser was sworn in on 11 November, and all other ministers on 12 November. All ministers were members of the Cabinet.[2]

  • Hon Malcolm Fraser, MP: Prime Minister
  • Rt Hon Doug Anthony, MP: Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Overseas Trade (NCP)
  • Hon Phillip Lynch, MP: Treasurer
  • Hon Ian Sinclair, MP: Minister for Agriculture, Minister for Northern Australia (NCP)
  • Senator Hon Reg Withers: Special Minister of State, Minister for the Capital Territory, Minister for the Media, Minister for Tourism and Recreation, Vice-President of the Executive Council
  • Senator Hon Ivor Greenwood, QC: Attorney-General, Minister for Police and Customs
  • Senator Hon Bob Cotton: Minister for Manufacturing Industry, Minister for Science and Consumer Affairs
  • Hon Peter Nixon, MP: Minister for Transport, Postmaster-General (NCP)
  • Hon Andrew Peacock, MP: Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Environment
  • Hon Don Chipp, MP: Minister for Social Security, Minister for Health, Minister for Repatriation and Compensation
  • Hon James Killen, MP: Minister for Defence
  • Senator Hon Tom Drake-Brockman: Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Minister for Administrative Services (NCP)
  • Senator Hon John Carrick: Minister for Housing and Construction, Minister for Urban and Regional Development
  • Hon Tony Street, MP: Minister for Labour and Immigration
  • Senator Hon Margaret Guilfoyle: Minister for Education


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