First Battle of Tuxpan

The First Battle of Tuxpan was the only major battle fought during the Mexican–American War at Tuxpan, Mexico.[1]:337

First Battle of Tuxpan
Part of Mexican–American War

The U.S. naval expedition under Commodore M. C. Perry, ascending the Tuspan River; destroying the forts, and taking possession of the port of Tuspan
Date18 April 1847
Result United States victory
 United States  Mexico
Commanders and leaders
Matthew C. Perry Martin Perfecto de Cos
1,519 marines[1]
(part of Mosquito Fleet)
Casualties and losses
2 killed
19 wounded[1]


Commodore Matthew C. Perry's Home Squadron extended its blockade of Mexico's eastern ports to include Tuxpan and Tabasco, more commonly known as Villahermosa.[1]:337 Perry's Mosquito Fleet carrying a landing force of 1,519 men and four pieces of artillery, reached the mouth of the Tuxpan River on 17 April. The Mexicans had five batteries with eight guns each, and about 400 men under the command of General Martin Perfecto de Cos, along the six mile approach to the town.[1]:337


On 18 April, Perry's crafts towed 30 barges upriver, and secured two downriver fortifications and those at the edge of town by 3 PM.[1]:337 The town surrendered by 4 PM, when Perry removed the guns and destroyed the fortifications before evacuating the town on 22 April, keeping a pair of craft to blockade the river.[1]:337


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