First Army (Turkey)

The First Army of the Republic of Turkey (Turkish: Birinci Ordu) is one of the four field armies of the Turkish Army. Its headquarters is located at Selimiye Barracks in Istanbul. It guards the sensitive borders of Turkey with Greece and Bulgaria, including the straits Bosporus and Dardanelles. The First Army is stationed in East Thrace.

First Army
ActiveNovember 1921–June 1923
October 1923–present
Size120,000 men Field Army
Part ofTurkish Army
Garrison/HQSelimiye, Istanbul
PatronCitizens of the Republic of Turkey
General Salih Zeki Çolak
Ali İhsan Pasha (1921–1922)
Nureddin Pasha (1922–1923)
Kâzım Karabekir Pasha (1923–1924)
Ali Sait Pasha (1924–1933)
Fahrettin Altay (1933–1943)
Cemil Cahit Toydemir (1943–1946)
Salih Omurtak (1946)
Nuri Yamut (1946–1949)


Ali İhsan Sabis is the first commander of the 1st Army, which has been operating since the Ottoman Empire. The 1st army depends on the Turkish Land Forces. The army is responsible for the Thrace region, the straits and the safety of Istanbul. Is commanded by a pasha with a general rank. Under normal circumstances, the second duty of the Turkish Chief of General Staff is the next task. From 1983 to the present day, it was the first place where all the chiefs of the general staff served.


Order of Battle, 30 August 1922

On 30 August 1922, the First Army was organized as follows:

First Army HQ (Commander: Mirliva Nureddin Pasha, Chief of Staff: Miralay Mehmet Emin Bey[1])

  • Army reserve

Order of Battle, 1941

In June 1941, the First Army was organized as follows:[2]

First Army HQ (Istanbul, Commander: Fahrettin Altay)

  • Thrace Area
  • Çatalca Area
  • Istanbul and Bosporus Area
    • Istanbul Command
    • Bosporus Fortified Area Command

Order of Battle, 1974

In 1974 it consisted of four corps:[3]

Order of Battle, 2010

  • 2nd Corps (Gelibolu, Çanakkale)
  • 3rd Corps (NATO Rapid Deployment Corps, Şişli, Istanbul)
    • 52nd Tactical Armored Division (Hadımköy, Istanbul)
    • 2nd Armored Brigade (Kartal)
    • 66th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Istanbul)
    • 23rd Tactical Motorized Infantry Division (Hasdal, Istanbul)
      • 6th Motorized Infantry Regiment (Hasdal, Istanbul)
      • 23rd Motorized Infantry Regiment (Samandıra, Istanbul)
      • 47th Motorized Infantry Regiment (Metris, Istanbul)
  • 5th Corps (Çorlu, Tekirdağ)
    • 1st Armored Brigade (Babaeski)
    • 3rd Armored Brigade (Çerkezköy)
    • 54th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Edirne)
    • 55th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Süloğlu)
    • 65th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Lüleburgaz)
    • Corps Armored Cavalry Battalion (Ulaş)
    • 105th Artillery Regiment (Çorlu)
    • Corps Engineer Combat Regiment (Pınarhisar)
  • 15th Infantry Division (Köseköy, İzmit)
  • 4th Army Aviation Regiment (Istanbul Samandıra Army Air Base)

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