Fire in the Opera House

Fire in the Opera House (German: Brand in der Oper) is a 1930 German drama film directed by Carl Froelich and starring Alexa Engström, Gustav Fröhlich and Gustaf Gründgens.[1] A separate French-language version La barcarolle d'amour was also produced.

Fire in the Opera House
Directed byCarl Froelich
Produced byCarl Froelich
Written by
Music byHanson Milde-Meissner
Carl Froelich-Film
Release date
  • 14 October 1930 (1930-10-14)
Running time
104 minutes

The film's sets were designed by Franz Schroedter.


  • Alexa Engström as Floriane Bach
  • Gustav Fröhlich as Richard Faber
  • Gustaf Gründgens as Otto van Lingen
  • Gertrud Arnold as Frau Konsul van Lingen
  • Marianne Fröhlich as Ilse van Lingen
  • Hans Peppler as Der Theaterdirektor
  • Julius Falkenstein as Löwenthal, Kassierer
  • Arthur Kistenmacher as Der alte Korrepetitor
  • Paul Mederow as Munk, erster Kapellmeister
  • Aenne Goerling as Anna Riehl, Sängerin
  • Ilse Nast as Berta Kranz, Choristin
  • Hadrian Maria Netto
  • Sophie Pagay
  • Erich Kober
  • Bruno Hoenscherle
  • Art Winkler
  • Arthur Bergen
  • Marcel Merminod
  • Franz Verdier
  • Adolf Schroeder
  • Willy Kaiser-Heyl
  • Jarmila Novotna as Die Primadonna
  • Irmgard Groß as Nikolaus
  • Hendrik Appels as Titelpartie in 'Tannhäuser'
  • Paul Rehkopf as Landgraf in 'Tannhäuser'
  • Gerhard Vöge as Wolfram von Eschenbach in 'Tannhäuser'
  • Werner Engels as Biterolf in 'Tannhäuser'
  • Chor der Staatsoper Berlin as Chor


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